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I am a Therapist, Teacher and Reiki Master. I specialize in assisting you with your Spiritual Journey, helping you to heal your Inner World

How Can I Help?

I am able to offer very specialized healing sessions,

I have worked with many clients over a 26 year period inspiring and assisting them with positive change and healing in their lives..
I am able to see beyond what is on the surface and work at a deeper level helping you to heal and gain a deeper insight into areas of your life

I can assist you with the relationship you have to yourself and with others at a Soul Level
The aim of my sessions is to help you with your Spiritual Journey. and bring in more Healing, Resolution, Peace, Understanding and Positive Transformation. 

I offer Healing Transmissions, Readings, Angelic Reiki (Master Teacher Level) , Reflexology (For your physical wellbeing) and Reflexology and Reiki combined

I run Spiritual Development Groups and offer 121 Mentoring.
Please contact me directly for more information on Mentoring and Classes.
Healing Transmissions, Readings Spiritual Development Classes and Mentoring are available on Skype and Zoom for your convenience.

My Journey

I have had a spiritual connection since my childhood.


 I started to receive my first Spiritual Activations in the 80’s in my early twenties, whilst studying in France.


During my early work as a Massage Therapist I begun to see energy patterns and colours around my clients and realized I was reading the flow of energy within and around the body.


I understood that we store so much information in our cells and DNA, often we hold out dated beliefs about ourselves and others, which can really affect us.


By releasing these patterns and learning a new way of being we can become lighter allowing more Joy, Happiness and Abundance into our lives.


My work with Spirit has unfolded and developed over 26 years, with life experience, learning spiritually, academically and practically.


I am a qualified Angelic Master Reiki Teacher, Aromatherapist, Healer, Massage Therapist, and Reflexologist, (B.A., D.DS.H, I.T.E.C. C.T.h.a. , S.W.A.)  

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