Healing Transformation

Sandy Spruzen 



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Healing Transmissions

During a session I use all my experience as a Healer, my gift of Inner Vision, Connection, and Spiritual Knowledge to bring forward the best guidance and healing for you.
My sessions are calm and mindful; I use my voice in normal speech and tone throughout the session.
It is a Transmission and Higher Healing delivered through my voice.
I explain each step of the way as I receive guidance for you after a consultation at the beginning of the session..

Within this space I can look at topics you feel you would like to work on at a higher level.
If you don’t know I can assist you with this.

This work could involve some of the following but not all in one session.

.Akashic Clearing, Contracts, Vows and Agreements at Soul Level.

Ancestral Timeline Healing,

Past Life Higher Learning (this is not regression)

Mother and Father Timeline Healing. Clearing what is no longer helpful but retaining the gifts

Twin Flame Healing and integration for the Masculine and Feminine Principles

.Soul Mission. Bringing in more clarity regarding your Soul Path and Life Path.

The session works on many levels, it is powerful, profound and gentle at the same time.
When healing takes place at higher dimensional level it can bring about great growth and integration.
The more we heal, the more we become conscious in creating our own reality.
Sessions are available on Skype and Zoom.

60 mins £35
90 mins £50

Clients say:

Sandy has helped me work through problems that I could not solve on my own, we have worked through a lot of ancestral stuff as well as helping to guide me on my soul’s mission. Jane

The clarity of the guidance given has been fundamental to my own inner journey, for my healing, and to living my soul’s purpose. Each transmission has been life changing. Leonie


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